Occupational healt and safety managment system

Occupational healt and safety managment system

As a producer of automotive safety components, Autoliv and Norma is committed to the development and manufacturing of quality automotive safety systems while providing safe working conditions for our employees and contractors. In market and workplace, health and safety is more than an element of our business – it is our business.

We believe that work related injuries, illnesses and health damage are preventable and will continually strive to eliminate all workplace accidents, protect human health, company property, while complying with all regulatory, legal acts of the Republic of Estonia and other requirements and standards that apply to Norma’s activities and are related to health and safety risks and opportunities.

All employees at all levels share the responsibility to identify and eliminate unsafe conditions and behaviors, and to speak out.

The management system implemented in Norma has been certified to meet ISO 45001 requirements.

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You can find more information about Autoliv’s sustainability and health and safety management at Autoliv.com (link Sustainability | Autoliv)